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      Be original.


      Optimal machine networking, more intensive process automation and intelligent reduction in personnel workload are the challenges of the modern textile industry. The Autoconer convinces with smart technologies for high-performance, resource-saving production, intelligent material and data management and ergonomic working conditions.

      Autoconer Header

      Optimal machine networking, more intensive process automation and intelligent reduction in personnel workload are the challenges of the modern textile industry. The Autoconer convinces with smart technologies for high-performance, resource-saving production, intelligent material and data management and ergonomic working conditions.

      E3: our product promises

      With our customers’ needs always top of mind, we ensure that our products deliver optimised energy consumption, economics and ergonomics, with a focus on intelligence. This E3 principle forms the basis of our design philosophy. Our passion for textile machinery drives us to manufacture innovative products that add value to our clients’ businesses.

      Up to 20 % less energy
      Up to 20 % less energy
      • Vacuum control Power on demand
      • Aerodynamic, flow-optimised design
      • Energy efficient cleaning with MultiJet
      Autoconer Energy
      Up to 6 % more productivity
      Up to 6 % more productivity
      • High efficiency in winding with LaunchControl, SmartCycle, SmartJet
      • Best productivity ? m2 with 96 winding units
      • Most flexible and intelligent material flow
      Autoconer Economy
      Intelligent reduction in personnel workload
      Intelligent reduction in personnel workload
      • Smart sensors and autocalibration functions
      • Intermediate package storage for easy package handling
      • Energy Monitoring
      Autoconer Ergonomics


      • Automation 4.0 – Intelligent Bobbin Cloud material flow based on RFID
      • Secure and fast bobbin supply - Unique 9+1 bobbin feed principle for type RM
      • Minimum energy consumption - Power on demand vacuum system
      • Intelligent reduction in personnel workload - Autocalibration functions
      • Ergonomic package and tube handling - Doffer X-Change with intelligent functions
      • Online quality monitoring – Direct link with integrated SPID
      • Quality packages - FX winding technology and SmartSplicer family
      Economic processing of bobbins

      The name Autoconer is the synonym for automatic package winding, it is the original. With its product family the Autoconer sets the benchmark for economic efficiency, package quality and most modern, intelligent automation solutions for ring spinning mills. For bobbin processing there are 3 machine types with different degree of automation.

        Type RM Type D Type V
      Bobbin supply Stand-alone machine with manual bobbin feeding into round magazines Stand-alone machine with automatic bobbin feeding via the flat-circular conveyor and automatic material flow Direct link to the ring spinning machine with direct bobbin feeeding and automatic material flow


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      Individually tailored rewinding process

      The Autoconer product family offers special types of machines for rewinding of packages. The 3 machine types meet all requirement profiles of the rewinding process in terms of textile technology requirements and flexible automation.


        Type E Type K Type RC
      Material feed manual package feed, single creeling manual feed of the reserve package in ergonomic position manual feed of the residual packages into large
      Feed change manual automatic automatic


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      Autoconer PreciFX

      PreciFX - Individual package design with the Autoconer

      PreciFX is a drumless yarn displacement system both for processing bobbins and rewinding packages, proven in practice in more than 35,000 winding units. PreciFX sets entirely standards regarding package quality. Package format, package structure and package design can be adapted individually and flexibly to meet the downstream processing requirements precisely – without compromise. PreciFX winds more reliably, more flexibly and more quickly than other yarn displacement systems.

      • Absolutely pattern-free package build
      • Free choice between pattern-free, random wind, precision and step precision winding displacement technologies
      • Individual package design and completely new package formats
      • Process benefits and higher productivity for all downstream processes
      • Reduced logistics costs
      Autoconer excellent splice joint

      Smarter splicing

      With the SmartSplicer family the Autoconer sets the benchmark for easiest handling and impressive quality in every application. The system guarantees spliced joints that are identical with the yarn, maximum strength, outstanding dyeing results and full added value in downstream processing. Depending on the application, customers can choose between the SmartSplicer, SmartSplicer Injection, SmartSplicer Thermo or SmartSplicer Elasto. The splicers are supplied ready for operation and as standard with ceramic shears.

      Advantages of the SmartSplicer family: 

      • Great flexibility within the range of applications
      • Spliced joints, indistinguishable from the parent yarn, with high strength and an excellent visual appearance
      • Reproducibility of splicing results via centrally controlled setting of the splicing parameters
      • High level of process stability
      • Simple operation and maintenance
      • Continuous further development and adaptation of the splicing technology to new yarn structures

      60 anniversary Autoconer

      Pioneering winding innovations


      Find out more about our products. Here we provide you with all the relevant documents for download in PDF format.

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      Mill management system Senses

      With a single program, you can now manage your entire production and quality assurance facilities along the textile chain. Senses, the digital mill management system from Saurer, bundles and analyzes production, quality and performance data across all divisions. Even machines from third-party manufacturers can be managed. In real time. Secure. From everywhere.

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